Nylon VS Aluminum Dart Shafts – A To Z Solutions

Nylon VS Aluminum Dart Shafts - A To Z Solutions

Being a dart player, you might wonder which dart shafts will match your comfort. Dart shafts, also referred to as stems, are part of darts that ensure better dart flight stability. But with several dart shaft types to choose from, many beginners tend to be confused over Nylon VS Aluminum Dart Shafts.

Our Top Picks – Best Nylon & Aluminum Dart Shafts

They even wonder if buying the best aluminum dart shafts will ease their game struggles. Well, to be honest, picking out the aluminum dart shafts ain’t going to help you win the game if you don’t feel comfortable.

We always suggest beginners play with lighter-weighted darts and diagnose a relaxed throwing style. It will help them configure the suitable dart barrels, shafts, and flight for themselves and understand how darts are weighed considering all these measurements.

Aluminum, Nylon, and Plastic dart shafts are the most demanding for dart players. However, to understand your specific need, you should try practicing each. And here, we bring a complete buying guide on the best aluminum dart shafts. Also, you can learn about the differences between Nylon and Aluminum shafts. 

Nylon VS Aluminum Dart Shafts – The Differences

Just as you would have seen the several categories in dart flights, there is variety in the shafts too. Professional players always have a close look at the dart shaft sizes, materials, lengths, and even colors. And you need to be precise on these aspects as well.

Nylon makes the best soft tip dart shafts. These are light-weighted dart shafts that provide better stability. On the contrary, aluminum shafts are somewhat heavier but durable. Although, there are always some drawbacks to consider.

Nylon Shafts

These shafts are available at affordable prices that allow the players to relax even when anything breaks. For instance, if the dart shaft breaks while throwing on the board, you can easily replace it with another one. It won’t cost you expensive rates or anything. 

However, the worst part of these shafts is, that they might break the thread immediately after you’ve dropped it. And at times, you might face difficulty taking out the left-out thread from the barrel. So, to deal with such situations, there are special tools available that you need to purchase.

You can also consider a standard method that needs a screwdriver and fire. It’s as simple as heating a screwdriver and inserting it into the thread to remove it from the barrel. We understand it’s a tiring job to handle all this. But, once you start practicing darts with these nylon shafts, it will make your gameplay smooth.


  1. Best for entry/recreational players
  2. It allows the darts to have a standard flight
  3. Best to use on lighter darts
  4. Three sizes available: Extra short, Short, and Medium size
  5. Smooth shafts to buy

Aluminum Shafts

We’ve heard of many queries regarding these shafts’ build and quality. However, there’s one query that people often ask, “are aluminum shafts good?” And on a plain note, the answer is yes. Standard aluminum shafts are somewhat more expensive than nylon dart shafts.

But, these are more durable shafts. Although, their downside is that they tend to bend dropped harshly. If somehow you throw your darts with excessive force, the aluminum shafts might get bend.

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And the worst part, you can’t easily make them into the right shape. Aluminum shafts are also quite heavy to do fine flight tuning. However, considering the durable material and dart shaft design, these are still regarded as popular shafts among the other ones. 


  • Best for professional dart players
  • Four different sizes are available
  • A quite heavy-weighted dart shafts
  • High-quality and stylish design
  • Durable material

Best Aluminum Dart Shafts Review

You should choose the best dart shafts to match your skillset. It may be the nylon shafts, plastic shafts, or aluminum ones. For you, the perfect dart shafts will be defined when it compliments your throwing styles well.

And more or less, aluminum shafts are designed to meet the player’s needs. Therefore, in this write-up, we will be reviewing the best aluminum dart shafts from Amazon. We hope it will walk you through a quality shafts collection to choose the one that meets your preference.

1. CavalierDarts Aluminum Medium Darts Shafts – Nylon VS Aluminum Dart Shafts

If you require a durable aluminum shaft, then the Cavalier Darts would be perfect for you. It is a standard aluminum shaft set for everyone. You can purchase a 40, 30, or 20 shaft size set according to your needs.

Besides, these kits give no hurdles while you plan on replacing them on your darts. Speaking of the length, they are about 53mm long with the thread. So, it’s pretty evident that these shafts are not too short or long; instead, these are medium.

You will also get rubber O-rings equipped with the set. As a result, this will help you fit the shafts to any type of barrel. It’ll also keep them more securely attached to your barrel. It is fastening while the gameplay does not cause concentration loss. 

They even offer various color options, including red, black, blue, green, and purple. There is also a silver lining craft that enhances its design even more. So, with all the key features of color options, tighter O-rings, solid material, and more, you get to choose a fantastic shaft kit for yourself.

This versatile aluminum shaft set is not only for beginners. Even professional players can make an excellent throw with these shafts.


76% of the customers have rated this product a five star, and most of them have exclaimed their satisfaction. The flight on the shafts never comes out during the play.

Also, these are lighter than the nylon ones. That’s what most consumers have claimed. And about the colors, most buyers have loved the color variants that the set offers them. 

2. Viper Spinster Yukon Aluminum Dart Shaft – Nylon VS Aluminum Dart Shafts

The Viper Spinster Yukon is considered the most advanced aluminum dart shaft. It’s a perfect game set for the pros as it includes an optimized spinning shaft. You can also view this as the best alternative for those expensive spinning dart shafts available on the market. 

Professional dart players use spinning shafts to eliminate robin hood groupings and bounce-outs. The effects of spinning shafts are impeccable on the dart games. And this Viper Spinster can make the same impression too.

You can also get some all-around features included in this quality shaft set. It comes with a 51mm or 2inch length that defines how easily it could accommodate different darts. This set also offers a locking mechanism. That way, the shafts will have a firm grip on the barrels. 

Highlighted standard color options are another pro of this particular set. It offers appealing color variants like black and silver, pure silver, black, red, and blue. They are sold in groups of three at a very reasonable price.

Above all, these shafts spin perfectly, which makes them ideal for any serious darts player.


There’s nothing much to say about this fantastic dart shaft set. Consumers are fans of these shafts, and they tend to love the spinning optimization feature it offers.

Professional dart players claimed that these are their best shafts for practicing darts. It doesn’t make too heavier darts or ain’t shorter in length as well. 

3. MAXMAU 9 Set Aluminium Dart Shafts – Nylon VS Aluminum Dart Shafts

The Maxmau 9 set are standard aluminum shafts that offer many prominent features for buyers. It’s one of the best shaft sets that suit beginners and experts. So, if you are looking for a quality aluminum dart shaft set, these non-spinning elements can enrich your dart checklist.

You can also get these shafts in various sizes. The size is of a medium length ranging from 45 and 48 mm. They also come in various hues, allowing them to appeal to a broader range of tastes. Black, crimson, and blue are among the colors.

Its O-rings are better equipped for tighter fastening to the barrel. This eliminates the necessity r- fastening while playing and lets you concentrate on the game. Several additional designs are included in the 27-piece set. There are nine carved shafts, nine grooved shafts, and nine smooth shafts.

They provide feasible alternatives for you and a large group of buddies. Overall, these aluminum dart shafts are pretty good for the price. All dart players searching for a good aluminum shaft set should consider this set.


This product has over 683 ratings, with a maximum rating of 5 on Amazon. Consumers love the durability and sturdy build quality of these shafts.

With all the nice-looking designs and rubber O-rings, these shafts stay fit on the flights tightly as well. Therefore, buyers have loved playing with these Maxmau shafts set in the game of darts. 

4. Wolftop 2BA Thread Aluminum Dart Shafts – Nylon VS Aluminum Dart Shafts

Players looking for budget-friendly shafts purchase have great news! The Wolftop 2BA Thread Aluminum dart shafts are here to offer the best quality at affordable prices. This shaft set is suitable for any-level dart player with a high-quality design and durable material.

Wolftop features a sleek design with a black and blue color combination. And thanks to its aluminum build, there’s nothing that can fade its lasting quality. So, you got no worry about them breaking. It will even last longer than any Nylon or PVC shafts.

However, the only downside of these shafts is their O-rings. The set contains several O-rings for the players to use on their dart shafts. But unfortunately, they can’t fasten the shaft to the barrel tightly. You will also get a compatible 2BA thread for the dart screw.

The shafts are about 48mm in length with the thread. Plus, it also has a lockable mechanism for the barrels.


Consumers like how good these shafts work in their gameplay. However, they hope for a better accuracy performance, and O-rings fit. This aluminum shaft set contains around 24 shafts, a huge plus for everyone. Apart from that, individuals appreciate the way the shafts feel and look, and they love playing a casual game with them.

5. Aketek 3 Set Medium Darts Shafts – Dart Shafts

Three sets of dart shafts are available for purchase. It has a total of nine parts. Thus it’s a nine-piece set. This amount is a fair quantity, and depending on your darts collection, you should replace the shafts with some spares.

These items were constructed of aluminum by Aketek. The shafts are solid. However, avoid harsh treatment. Avoid dropping them since the force will cause them to bend and distort. They are less expensive than many of the items in the review. They do, however, provide good value for money.

If you’re searching for a good deal, you should think about them. One disadvantage of this item is that it doesn’t include O-rings. If you want them to fit snugly, you’ll have to buy some individually. Metal shafts and barrels necessitate them.


For novices, this combination creates excellent dart shafts. You may use it to practice your dart game as well. Its color options and low price point is more appealing to customers.

They claim these shafts are robust and fit perfectly to the dart flights. However, it would have been better if the O-rings were equipped.

6. Sanfeng 9 Sets 27 pcs Aluminum Dart Shafts

The Sanfeng 9 sets aluminum shaft is light, thin, and indestructible. It has Locking holes to increase its performance by allowing a tighter fit to the barrel. Besides, you also get improving stability from the shaft that doesn’t need you to retighten frequently. 

The usage of rubber rings is required for these aluminum shafts. It improves the flight’s stability, resulting in higher performance. The set comprises 10×3 standard dart flights with a constant path for pinpoint accuracy to boost speed and decrease drag.

Its silver color dart tool aids in tightening shafts, properly separating shaft slots for smooth flight insertion, and reshaping all shafts for perfect symmetry. 


This shaft set features good-quality items that are appropriate for any level player. So, it will give you a perfect dart gaming experience and help you develop your skillset.

These shafts stay put to the dart barrel tightly. Therefore, there is no chance of this being broken so easily. Howbeit, these shafts tend to bend at times due to excessive force. 

7. HONBAY 12Pcs Aluminum Medium Darts Shafts

The Honbay aluminum medium darts are well regarded for their durability and performance. It has a 2BA groove that makes it compatible with any barrel. As a result, you can imagine how smooth these shafts can be on the darts.

The Honbay aluminum dart shafts have a medium length of 46mm (including the thread), which is good. You won’t face any hurdles holding on to the dart because of the size. However, speaking of the design, it has a sleek build structure with a silver lining.

You can choose from four different colors: Black, Red, Blue, and Purple. Overall, they’re intense, vivid, and attractive. One disadvantage is that it necessitates additional rubber o-rings to keep the dart barrel secure. Otherwise, you’ll have to tighten them by hand between throws.

When inserting flights, you may discover that they’re a bit tight to get them fit. However, if you use a steel tip dart to press against the slots from the rear, they’ll loosen up enough to enable the flight to slip insecurely.


Consumers love these upgraded shafts both in quality and performance. They claim that this set has been their best company for dart practices. It sticks to the flight tighter and balances a standard getaway.

However, one downside that consumers didn’t like is the O-rings. Most of them had to buy extra O-rings for fastening the shaft to the barrel. 

How Do You Pick A Dart Shaft

Choosing the new set of dart shafts requires professional suggestions and trials. Therefore, in this segment, we will be speaking of the elements you should consider before purchasing any type of dart shaft. 

Shaft Length

For perfect dart throwing, the shaft length helps a lot. Maintaining a proper shaft length according to your playing comfort is essential.

Most players consider using a longer shaft length. They claim that it allows them to keep the shaft back end closer. However, you need to hold the dart closer to the front edge for a shorter shaft. 

Shaft Thread

Always remember to match shaft thread to your darts barrel. It will allow you to see whether the thread you choose is a perfect fit for the dart barrel.

If you fail to select the right thread, it will eventually not fit your darts and get off of it when you throw the dart in the air. In addition, you should also choose the right barrel thread size.

Shaft Material

Another important consideration when purchasing a dart shaft is shaft material. The substance of a shaft influences how a dart performs. A shaft and barrel composed of identical material would be appropriate for perfect balance.

Nylon VS Aluminum Dart Shafts (FAQs)

Here we have tried answering some of the most commonly asked questions about the best dart shafts.

What type of shafts do dart pros use?

You are curious to learn about, What Dart Stems Do The Pros Use? The majority of professional dart players utilize medium-sized plastic or nylon shafts. They say that these shafts’ length is appropriate for the type of dart barrel and throwing method.

Are nylon or aluminum dart shafts better?

Aluminum is a material that falls somewhere between nylon and carbon fiber. It is more potent than nylon but less costly than carbon fiber shafts.

On the other hand, Nylon shafts are not too robust and have the least expensive price tag. Therefore they are suggested for novices and casual players.

What are the best stems for darts?

From our editor’s research and consumer review, Maxmau 9 aluminum set shafts and Viper Spinster work as the best stems for darts. These lighter-weighted stems are appropriate fit every player’s need. Besides, you can get them at a low price as well. 

Wrapping Up

Dart shafts are indeed a vital component of a dart. That’s because they offer the balance required for the correct trajectory. If you fail to choose the perfect dart shafts, it will surely provide misleading accuracy and consistency.

While you can get several dart shafts available on the market, you need to do little research on the types according to your requirement. For instance, you can either buy the best spinning dart shafts or the best carbon-fiber dart shafts.

But before everything, you need to do good research on the shaft material and length. Choosing the right dart shaft is dependent on your particular preferences and game style.

Whether you’re looking for a short or long shaft, Nylon or aluminum, or something completely different, one of the goods listed above will make an excellent option for you.