Best Front Loaded Darts of 2022 | Complete Buying Guide

Best Front Loaded Darts of 2022 | Complete Buying Guide

The question is, Which is the best front loaded darts? Front-loading dart machines are the most accessible types of darts to use, and they’re the most popular. They usually consist of a single plunger and a spring-loaded barrel.

Our Top Picks – Best Front Loaded Darts

In this post, we’ll share our top front-loading dart recommendations, as well as a few other popular front-loading darts you should try out. You’ll find that most front-loading darts have a similar function.

They all have a plunger that hits a target with a dart when you pull the trigger. The differences lie in the size of the barrel and the materials used to construct the dart.

Barrel Texture And Shape Of Front Loaded Darts

Barrel texture and dart shape are two terms you’ll see on darts used to score a bullseye on a dartboard. Darts can also be referred to by their size, such as “2-dart” or “4-dart”.

The more darts used, the more likely the player will achieve a bullseye. It’s much easier to score a bullseye on a dartboard with two darts than with four darts since a lot less space is available between the bullseye and the dartboard edge.

Steel Tip VS Soft Tip Of Front Loaded Darts

A steel tip is a sharp, pointed metal tip used to score darts and other projectiles. A steel tip also serves to focus and direct the missile, increasing accuracy. But how does a steel tip work?

When a dart or bullet hits the target, the end of the dart or pellet pushes against the side of the target. The steel tip transfers the force from the projectile into the target, scoring the mark.

This process can be seen in action with a dart on our Steel Tip of Darts game board. What makes soft tip darts different from others is that their end is mild, not sharp.

The dart tips should be soft enough to fit the dartboard’s surface, and the tip’s softness allows the user to place the tip on a smooth surface.

So instead of putting the tip in the center, the soft tip allows doing so, allowing the user to do it without hurting their hand.

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1. Fat Cat Predator 80% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts with Storage/Travel Case, 23 Grams.

I purchased these darters because I’ve always loved tungsten steel tips. They seem to have more stability than their brass counterparts. However, these darters only last me about 4-5 throws at the most, so I decided to upgrade to something a bit stronger.

These Fat Cat darters are great for beginners and intermediate players alike. I love the shape of the shaft, the amount of weight in each ball, and how they feel in your hand.

You don’t need special tools or batteries to use these darts; they work with just an essential dart mechanic wrench. It is the perfect set for those looking to get into darts who haven’t picked up an electric dart yet.

The deluxe case comes with a soft cloth lining to protect it and a hard outer shell to keep your stuff safe. I’ve had mine for over a year now, and it still looks brand new.

2. Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts

The Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts are a decent set of darts from one of the best brands. I was pretty surprised to know that these darts are super soft-tip. I was also impressed by how they felt in my hands.

There’s no resistance when you pull them back, but there’s some resistance when you throw. It’s not too much, and it feels excellent. The aluminum shafts are also really well balanced in your hand.

And while it can be kind of challenging to get used to, after a few hours of practice, you’ll start to feel like this is a perfect weight. The shafts have to lock holes that help reduce slippage and improve your performance overall.

You can tighten the grip by sliding the tip of the stick onto the bottom of the barrel and then turning the barrel until you feel an instant click. It also helps prevent the shaft from slipping on the barrel if you don’t use these grips as often.

These darts have a nice weight, but they aren’t too heavy. If you’re looking for a dart that’s easy to grip and throw, then get the Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts.

3. Harrows Predator 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

It is the ultimate tungsten steel tip dart – and I’m pretty sure that no one else is making them. These are so different than other darts – they’re skinny.

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So they’re easy to handle and have a very high weight-to-mass ratio, making them perfect for flying. The flight predator 7518 is a 3-D dart with 3 prominent grip zones: at the end of each wing and on the front and back.

It ensures that it doesn’t matter where you put your hands; you won’t drop the dart. The unique shape also allows you to put more force into your throws, especially in tight competitions.

This dart is also designed to be used with all kinds of equipment and can easily replace other types of tungsten steel tips. It even comes with a spare set of shafts, so if the first set gets lost or breaks, you’re covered.

4. Target Darts Stephen Bunting G3 90% 18g Soft Tip Darts

If you want some fun darts and are looking for something different that isn’t all about throwing distance, these might be perfect for you! They’re made from carbon fiber and provide a nice smooth feel when you pick them up, so they aren’t too heavy or too light.

This dart isn’t the strongest with a soft tip, but you can quickly put some power into it to get it where you want it. It’s best used for medium to large-sized targets, and you can also use this dart as a practice throw in the air, as it’s very forgiving.

I wouldn’t recommend using it on anything smaller than 18g.

5. Bottelsen Hammerhead Original Hammer Head Steel Tip 90% Tungsten Original 28 Gram Dart, Black, 9/32″

A powerful and efficient steel tip, the Bottlelen Hammer Head is a high-quality dart from the manufacturer with a few more features. This package includes an extra barrel and a custom-made stand.

These dart’s tungsten barrels are great for darting. The company makes the barrels out of 90% tungsten, the highest percentage of pure tungsten available. It’s a better conductor of heat than steel.

It means it will shoot more consistently at a higher velocity. The other benefit of tungsten barrels is that they’re easier to sharpen. When you point steel tips, it’s pretty tricky to get a perfectly straight edge.

On the other hand, you can easily remove shavings from tungsten barrels because it doesn’t contain impurities. These features allow the players to maintain their darts for a longer time.

It makes it easier to keep consistent velocity as the tungsten barrels wear out over time. Bottlelen includes an extra barrel and a custom stand for the Stand and Package.

The package comes in a durable deluxe showcase box so you can show it off and feel like a pro too. The packaging is made out of plastic, so you don’t need to worry about getting damaged or scratched.

I like this packaging because it allows me to see what the dart looks like. If you want to use a glass display case, you can buy this package for a lot less at your local retailer.

6. Target Darts – Phil Taylor Power 9 Five Generation 2 18G Soft Tip Darts

It is where the power of a high-quality set of darts comes into play, and it’s why I always recommend buying from the best brands. The Power-Titanium Gen 2 shaft has an all-metal construction, making it incredibly durable and long-lasting.

It’s also 100% stainless steel, making it rust-resistant, non-toxic, and easy to clean. It can be difficult to find good-quality darts in stores, but they are well worth the effort.

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A bad set of darts will cause you to lose countless games, so it’s vital to ensure that you get the right ones. The Power-Titanium Gen 2 shaft is made with a titanium alloy that offers excellent stiffness for excellent control.

The shaft also reduces vibration and improves stability, allowing the user to concentrate on their aim without worrying about losing control. It also comes with an ergonomic grip designed specifically for power users.

If you’re aiming at distances over 75 feet, you’ll benefit from having a more oversized handle that provides more leverage. It’s perfect for those who have stronger hands and arms.

The 90% tungsten tip is made from a super-hard material that produces a faster and smoother flight, giving you a better chance of hitting the target.

These are some of the best darts on the market, and you won’t find a better set for less money anywhere else. I recommend getting a set – you’ll thank me when you can hit your targets again and again!

7. Viper Sinister 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

It’s incredible how many people have difficulty getting the dart to travel in the same direction after being released, which is why this is the best dart ever.

I am not the biggest fan of darts in general, but I’ve found this one is perfect for anyone who wants a fast dart. It flies well and has an ideal grip.

The tungsten tip allows for very tight shot groups, and the smooth barrel makes it easier to control. It’s also got a good weight, which helps when aiming.

The shafts are made from aluminum, and they provide a tight grip when you hold them and a nice feel when you release them. The shafts made of aluminum give the dart a slightly heftier feel, suitable for better control and accuracy.

You can easily fit in the thumb and index finger between the shaft and the dart, too, which is excellent if you want to throw this all day.

What I like most about the shaft is that it’s so smooth. It means the darts have a little bit more resistance when it’s coming out of your hand, making it easier to control the dart without it slipping out of your fingers.

The shaft is a great size too, so the darts come out of your hand with ease. They don’t disappoint in performance and are easy to throw.

Balance And Weight Of Front Loaded Darts

Darts may look like they don’t require any skill, but they do. If a dart is thrown too far or incorrectly weighted, it won’t hit its target. A high-quality dart has enough weight to balance itself.

Too much or too little weight on a dart can make it lose its balance and be difficult to throw accurately. It also applies to our lives. You will never change your life until you change something.

The key is to make small changes. Change one small thing at a time. Change one area of your life every week.

Benefits of Front Loaded Darts

The advantages of front weighting are numerous. One of the most important ones is that front-weighted darts give you a better chance at hitting the bull’s eye.

It is especially true when you’re playing doubles, and then two darts should be thrown simultaneously. It is because the front darts will always hit their intended targets first.

Well, It is beneficial in games like snooker or pool, where it can be hard to anticipate what your opponent is going to do, meaning that one dart has a better chance of finding its mark than two darts at the same time.

Bottom Line Of Front Loaded Darts

It’s always easier to play darts when you know that you have a lot of darts to choose from. The problem is, once you decide to throw a dart at a board, you are stuck with that one dart.

With the front-loaded Darts system, you only have a certain number of darts that you have to pick out of the bag to make an effective dart. So, in the end, you can either get lucky or get lucky and use the system.