Which Is The Best Nerf Replacement Darts For You?

Best Nerf Replacement Darts

Who does not know about Nerf? Has there been any holiday season where your cousins/friends forgot about the nerf dart match? I bet no one has. When your kid/sibling gets a broken dart, they ask you to get the best nerf replacement darts for them.

Our Top Picks – Best Nerf Darts

Thus, We know the sheer happiness this game had added to our childhood days and how it influences today’s kid’s enthusiasm as well. Thus, Nerf blasters are made of the highest quality to satisfy the toy needs for hours. The key to a nerf blaster is the ammunition.

If you neglect the ammo you use, you’ll be running out quickly, making your game more challenging. So, choosing the best nerf darts to level up the game is essential. But with so many aftermarkets and nerf darts out there, you might wonder which one would be the best suited.

The Nerf darts have evolved drastically over the past years. And they have produced different categories of blaster darts. However, the material they use is still the same.

Best Nerf Replacement Darts Review

Nerf Elite darts are the most popular ones among kids and adults alike. They have proven their worth in all sorts of games. But if you want the most accurate and most robust nerf darts, you got to research some more on them.

And, to narrow down your research, We have created a list of the most accurate Nerf darts on the market! Check it out!

1. Little Valentine 400-Dart Refill Pack – Best Nerf Replacement

This little valentines aftermarket darts pack seems to be an excellent buy for many Nerfers. It works as a staple for Nerf lovers who can not afford to instantly buy a new Nerf series. So, within a few bucks spent on this set, he can get an entire 400 piece set of Nerf darts.

These darts cover an excellent distance with a strong accuracy impact like the Nerf Accustrike darts. So, if you want darts that are both accurate and possess a strong capacity of crossing long distances within seconds, this little valentine set got to be on your first choice list!

However, players should be aware of its hard-hitting capacity. Otherwise, they might end up hurting someone sensitive to bruises. The little valentine dart set is best at its durability and smooth firing capacity. 

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Manufacturers have printed the name “Little Valentine” on the body, making a simple yet aesthetic appeal to the darts. Besides, the sturdy construction makes better resistance against damage. So, according to the current price range, these darts may be a real deal for you.


These little valentine darts have gained a lot of reviews and a high star rating on Amazon due to their performance. However, consumers do not like its too-hard plastic tip. But they like its durability as well as shooting accuracy at its most. 

2. Dart Zone 300 Sureshot Waffle-Tip Darts – Best Nerf Replacement

The Dart Zone Sureshot Waffle-Tip Darts are the epitome of dart excellence. If you are looking for great accessories to accompany your Dart Zone products, this is it. These darts are made of solid foam and have tips that give you precision shots every time.

They’re Made for the Dart Zone Nite Finder crossbow but will fit most other crossbows just fine. These darts are the most accurate on the market. They’re so precise. You can use them to hit a bulls-eye from up to 90 feet away!

It is also made and designed to meet stringent safety standards. As a result, your children seem to be no longer in danger. Furthermore, these waffle darts are suitable for both beginners and pros.

However, the product may cost you a few additional dollars, which is well worth it! Dart Zone Sureshot Waffle-Tip Darts are still the best bet for any severe dart player. You are getting about 300 darts in a set that are perfect weaponry for almost any Nerf battle.

They are designed to work with all types of spring-powered blasters and provide an unparalleled spread. You can choose from whatever range you want: from standard to bulls-eye or even the most popular soft tip.


Like the Little Valentine, these darts are a combination of design excellence. Consumers have claimed to use these on their strife without any problem. These darts are more constant in terms of fire spread. The tips, however, tend to slow down the flywheels due to their form.

3. XShot Excel Universally Compatible Foam Darts Refill Pack – Best Nerf Replacement

Whoever doesn’t think that 100 X-SHOT foam darts are the best has never used them before. They were awarded the Best Dart Range Award for three years. And that has made them the most compatible nerf dart on the market.

Although this aftermarket product is mainly designed to fit a few nerf guns. It won’t disappoint you with the nerf N-strike Elite series. The dart set features around 100 darts which are slightly shorter in length.

X-Shot Darts are the ultimate in performance and durability. They fly through the air faster, more accurately than any other darts. They’re made to withstand a harsh air beating too. We’ll admit — they’re somewhat lacking in the durability department.

But it’s a small price to pay for experiencing just how quickly these darts fly through the air. However, these darts might cost you a bit more than any other regular brand in terms of the price range.

But believe us, you won’t regret gifting it to someone who loves Nerf battle the most. These refill packs are excellent at their performance and last longer. They even feature qualities that no other refill item model possesses. 


You can shoot countless darts one after another while using this refill dart pack in your Nerf blaster. These X-Shot darts are designed to act so fast that you can’t see them while shooting. Kids love playing with these items and enjoy the fun it adds to their darts land. 

4. Nerf Darts 24 Pack Accustrike Elite Refill – Best Nerf Replacement

If you are looking for the perfect Elite or Accustrike Elite Blasters Dart refill pack, this one may be helpful for you. This 24-pack Nerf darts refill pack is designed to fit the Elite series easily. You can also consider them as the original Elite darts. 

Manufacturers have tested these darts for their performance quality and excellence. However, it might not be of such sturdy construction as the plastic ones are. These darts are officially made of foam material. So, you can feel the lightweight but have to be sensitive to use in harsh air conditions. 

The Elite Nerf refill darts have proved their accuracy and high distance coverage capacity. Besides, you can even use them for other modules, Nerf Blasters. That way, you do not have to worry about whether the blaster you currently own will fit these darts. 

Overall, we suggest you make an excellent deal on these refill packs. It can be an actual value of money for you. And indeed, there are no other darts that can beat its high-quality competence in the field. 


These darts are made of the same strong material as other Nerf and Modulus darts. But these are more awesome. If you’re looking for reliable, long-lasting darts, these will do the job! Shoot better, further, and faster than the standard blue or white nerf darts. 

5. Coodoo Compatible Darts 100 PCS Refill Pack

The Coodoo Compatible Darts are perfect for Nerfers who need heavy ammunition during their play. Also, if you are looking for affordable refill darts that will save up your money, this set can be perfect. These bullets are compatible with all original N-Strike blasters.

So whatever your blaster of choice, specific or not, be sure to stock up! Equip your little one with this high-quality toy gun for endless hours of playtime. The safe EVA foam and TPR construction ensure that it’s safe for everyone, including kids at heart.

A hollow warhead with a hole design and a long-range firing design is available. It maintains long-range shooting and guarantees that gamers have the most enjoyable shooting. Their unrivaled precision corresponds to their skill level.

High-quality darts are just the thing to give you an edge. These foam darts are strong enough to withstand active, imaginative play hours. When hosting a Nerf party or just playing in the backyard, you’ll always have a blast with these darts.


These darts are available at a reasonable price compared to the other refill pack. Nerfers have loved its durability as well as the high-distance coverage range.

However, the plastic tip of the darts tends to harm the opponents very quickly. Therefore, it is suggested to wear eye protection while playing.

6. Forliver Refill Darts 200 Pack Refill

Get the best deal on dart refills for your kid’s foam toy guns! These darts are made of the highest quality foam, and they boast a diameter of 2.84 inches. Your kids will be safe when playing with these darts as they are ASTM-certified and non-toxic.

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These darts are designed to work with both the Rampage and Retaliator series of Nerf guns. While it’s not explicitly compatible, sample testing has shown that these darts are perfect for multiple kids’ toy guns. Except for automatic electric guns, the refill darts fit all NERF models.

These darts also provide a fun and safe shooting experience for everyone in the family. Not just kids but also adults find it enjoyable to shoot, aim with this trigger-precise blaster, and easy targets up to 90 feet (27.4 meters) away!


These soft foam toys are perfect for your summer fun! They have an excellent foam-made tip that is totally harmless. Besides, these darts are wonderfully durable, which is precisely what you want in a dart.

They don’t break on impact as other brands do. So, they make an excellent gift for almost anyone!

Best Nerf Replacement Darts (FAQs)

This blog post section answers some of the most common questions about the nerf replacement darts. 

Which nerf darts are the best?

We’ve all tried a few different brands of nerf darts at one time or another and not always wondered which ones are the best. Nerf darts come in various styles and sizes, each with its benefits, so when it comes to choosing the best, it depends on what you’re looking for in your darts.

However, to precisely the overall best Nerf darts on the market, we can suggest the Nerf N-Strike Elite Series. This dart blaster is like a cherry on top for the Nerf company. Children of all ages love its performance and build quality even now. 

Can you use any nerf darts on any nerf gun?

Officially, yes. Unofficially, no. While you can use any Nerf dart on any Nerf gun, some Nerf guns cannot shoot certain types of Nerf darts. The most common problem is that the Nerf gun’s barrel is too long to accommodate the length of the darts.

Since some Nerf guns are pretty old, you might find that they are incompatible with some newer Nerf darts.

Are all nerf dart refills the same?

Nerf refill darts are the same as their main ones. You only need to choose the suitable refill according to your nerf blaster. They are heavy-duty and have a powerful head to them. They’re even designed to travel as far and hard as possible while still safe. 

Foam refill darts have a soft plastic tip and are more likely to bounce off walls. Elite darts are a bit more sturdy than the foam varieties but require batteries to be used. Mega darts are the largest of the bunch but aren’t very accurate.

Is it illegal to modify Nerf darts?

Modding might include anything from weighing darts to removing pieces of a blaster to improve performance. Hasbro is opposed to modifying owing to safety concerns. Mods that use live weapon ammo or explosives without a permit are unlawful in the United States.

Why do nerf darts have holes?

Nerf darts are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. The nerf darts aerodynamics shape helps it travel faster and further. And, The holes allow air to be pushed into the chamber of the gun.

This helps maximize the distance the dart can travel. Although, there is no aerodynamic reason for them to be there.

Are nerf elite darts interchangeable?

If you have an N-Strike blaster, make sure to get the right dart. The darts for this series aren’t interchangeable with the standard Elite blasters. So they won’t work in the same way. If you’re not careful, you might find your backup weapon being a waste!

Are all Nerf darts compatible?

Most Nerf blasters have compatible ammunition with different types of Nerf darts. However, you should know that one variety of blasters doesn’t allow you to use any darts on it. Clip-loaded blasters can only be used with streamlined darts.

Closing Thoughts

Nerf is a brand of toy weapons designed with foam darts. The darts are made from high-density polyethylene plastic and have a soft tip that anyone can quickly shoot out of the barrel. They are also safe to use indoors as they do not contain lead or other toxic materials.

It was first introduced in 1974 by John Knapp under “Plastic Airsoft.” Today, the company is owned by Hasbro Inc., which acquired the product line. Nerf guns are a staple toy for children of all ages.

Whether it’s a simple blaster or a more complex tactical version, Nerf gunplay is a ton of fun. But, finding the best Nerf darts can be tricky as there are so many options available.

Therefore, we surveyed the consumers to determine which Nerf darts worked the best. It helped us figure out the best nerf darts on amazon. After all, we had to suggest the best 3rd party nerf darts to our readers. 

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