How To Clean Darts | 8 Simple Methods From My Experience

How To Clean Darts | 8 Simple Methods From My Experience

How to clean darts? Darts are a great way to relax after a long day at work or school. They also provide hours of entertainment. However, they can get dirty over time and require cleaning.

There are two main types of darts: plastic and wooden. Plastic ones usually come pre-cleaned, but wood ones need to be cleaned regularly. There are several ways to clean darts.

The easiest method is to soak them in water overnight. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of washing them, you can wipe them down with a damp cloth.

You may even use an alcohol-based cleaner like rubbing alcohol. Just make sure that it’s not too strong not to damage your darts. The longer you leave them on the wall, the more likely you will eventually have issues.

Even though they won’t crack, dents, scratches, or anything else, they could start to look shabby. To avoid this happening, clean them every few months. It might seem tedious, but no problems will be done correctly.

You’ll find that using a dartboard brush will help to keep things looking fresh and new while making cleaning much more accessible.

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Sharpen your game: how to clean and take care of your darts

How to sharpen darts? What should I do to help maintain my board? If you haven’t been keeping your darts for a while, then it stands to reason that you may begin noticing cracks appearing, which would lead to rusting or peeling paint.

It’s important to remember that these minor flaws can affect your game if you aren’t careful about keeping your board up to date. You don’t want to give anyone an excuse to call you out.

However, it would help if you didn’t worry all that much because, as we mentioned earlier, not everyone who plays darts has much experience. And the fact you need to practice your shooting skills for a long time is also proof of it.

How To Clean Darts | 8 Simple Methods From My Experience

Warm Soapy Water

Darts are complex, so a little soap and warm water are all you need to keep them clean. Use a brush to remove the grease and dust from the heads and shafts of the darts and then toss them in the water.

Let them soak in there for about 5-10 minutes. Drain the water and brush the darts dry with a cloth before storing.

Mild Bleach

Before you put your darts in a bowl, use mild bleach to clean them up a little bit, says Paul Laffoley, President of a company called Dart Masters. When you put the darts in a bowl of water, it will get cloudy, and you might not be able to see the spots where your darts are located.

But if you use a minimal amount of chlorine bleach, you’ll be able to see where the darts are and also clean the spot up. It works well on the wood, too.

You can even use this method on your dartboard! Just use the bleach to clean up any splotches on your board or clean up the stains on your darts.

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Nail Varnish Remover

In the case of an electric dartboard, the nail polish will prevent the adhesive from sticking. But nail varnish remover won’t remove the glue from the board because it’s not a varnish.

It is why you have to soak the board in acetone, a solvent. Acetone is non-flammable and non-toxic.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

The ultrasonic cleaner is an excellent cleaner of dirt. It uses sound waves to break apart the bonds in the water molecules to remove dirt and other contaminants.

These sound waves are emitted at a frequency of 25,000 hertz and can reach the bottom of your barrel and disrupt the movement of the darts. Ultrasonic cleaners risk damaging the barrels but are recommended for cleaning darts.

How To Clean Darts | 8 Simple Methods From My Experience

Alcohol Wipes

These alcohol wipes are a great product to have when you’re using them for darts. They’re not only useful as a cleaning wipe, but they also help protect your darts from drying out because they hold in moisture.

After shooting a few rounds, you could also use these wipes to clean the barrel. If you need alcohol wipes to clean anything other than darts, you can even use the alcohol wipes to wipe down wood furniture.

Toothbrush with Toothpaste

It is a great way to clean up a dart if you don’t like using water to remove the residue. I want to soak the dart in a cup of warm water with a few squirts of toothpaste on a toothbrush. The toothpaste is added for the extra suds and a clean better.

Metal Polish or Nail Varnish remover

In the world of darts, metal polish is one of the most important things to clean your darts. Darts can get scratched up quickly in a short amount of time. Without this, your game will start to suffer.

Metal polish is such a necessity because of the high-gloss finish on the dart tips. A good piece of advice for applying polish is to consistently use the metal polish to the dart’s end, leaving the rest of the dart to dry naturally.

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Now, Nail Varnish remover is commonly used for removing nail polish, which is very useful when you’re getting ready to go out or have a dinner party.

But did you know that nail varnish removers are also perfect for cleaning darts? That’s right, they’re great for taking off your fingerprints, too. The chemical in the remover causes the dried-on polish to come off your hands naturally.

How To Clean Darts(FAQs)

How to Clean Rust From Darts?

You can use a special spray called “Rust Stop” to clean the rust from the darts. Once the surface has dried up, spray it to get rid of the rust. Don’t apply too much spray, as this will damage your darts.

Which Liquid Cleans Darts the Best?

If your concern is about the liquid cleans darts, it’s a very subjective choice. Some people prefer the fluid cleans darts over the regular ones, but there’s no concrete reason to choose one over the other, so it’s a matter of preference. You may use more than one liquid on it.

How Often to Clean Your Darts?

It would help if you cleaned your darts after each use, as it will help maintain the best accuracy and precision. If the cleaning solution is washed correctly off your barrel and the cleaning tools are clean and free of any debris or gunk, then you can go ahead and use your darts as usual.

Bottom Line

Cleaning darts is very important, and it can significantly affect your accuracy. If you want to be the best, you have to train your body and mind to be perfect in any situation. To do this, you need to practice every day with consistency and precision. The better you are, the more opportunities you will have in-game to succeed. That’s what this blog is about: improving your ability to hit with consistency and precision. Try using the training tips below to get the most out of your darts practice sessions. And for better results, keep your darts and equipment clean always.