How Are Darts Weighed

How Are Darts Weighed – A complete guideline

So, you wish to master the game of darts? Then you have to know how are darts weighed. You’ve probably noticed that they’re available in various weights. Why is that? Because darts should have the right balance between being heavy enough for flight yet small and portable!

As a result, you must learn how are darts weighed. It will help you pick the suitable darts for you rather than the heavy darts. Darts are a critical component of the dart-throwing game. It needs specified weight measurements and design.

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That way, players can measure their distances and calculate where they need to stand for various throwing styles. Professional dart players can often use heavier darts. However, in terms of beginners, experts suggest playing with lighter darts

A Quick Solution To How Are Darts Weighed

Darts is a famous game worldwide, and it’s no wonder why. The sport has been popularized in Ireland, Great Britain, and other parts of Europe as a pub game. Although, it’s one of the professional shooting sports out there.

And, sportspeople often use standardized weight measurements for darts. Thus, if you are into practicing darts, you should recheck the darts you’re using. Several sets of darts are available, including Tungsten darts, soft tip darts, and a steel tip dart.

Checking on the darts’ type and acquiring knowledge on what weight darts players use is essential. So, how are your darts weighed?

Dart Weights

Each dart type has its own parameters for weight measurement. As for the steel tip darts, you should only weigh those by the point and barrels. Although, for other types, you can check on the dart shaft sizes and dart flights.

Amongst all the darts, the tungsten ones are the best darts to buy. They weigh around 26 grams. Then, there are also steel types that are of 18-23 gram darts! Darts with weights less than 18 grams are considered more accurate. They are considered the best darts for beginners.

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Although, players comfortable with a relaxed playing style may use a more heavily weighted dart above 30 grams. To summarize darts weight, multiple weights of darts are available, ranging from 12-50 grams.

A typical game of 501 will use around 30 grams for each thrower, but most organizations allow darts with heavier weights on their boards. 

Advantages Of Light Weight Darts – How Are Darts Weighed

Many players find Light darts to be an enigma and annoyance. Some players have harsh throwing styles that can’t fathom a lightweight dart in the 17-18 grams range. If you’re having trouble with your light dart, it could be because of the throwing motion.

A heavier one may suit better if you throw with force and vigor! Therefore, make sure to upgrade the weight by two gms! However, if you can start practicing with lighter darts, it will help you throw the dart accurately in any wind interference. 

How Are Darts Weighed

Advantages Of Heavier Weight Darts

There are many advantages of using heavier darts. Heavier darts tend to be more helpful in understanding the professional game. Besides, it has a longer flight path than lighter darts. They also provide more power to the throw, which can make it easier to score points.

Heavier darts are also less susceptible to wind interference, making them an excellent choice for outdoor play. Finally, they can help increase your throwing distance. That way, you will consider it a perfect option as a competitive player. If you’re looking for an edge on your competition, consider using heavier darts!

Things To Consider While Choosing Darts Weight

Darts are an easy sport to pick up and play. It’s fun and relaxing. You don’t need any special equipment or skills to enjoy throwing darts. All you need is a pair of darts, a dartboard, and a good set of darts throws. The weight of the darts you are about to buy depends on other values. In this segment, we will have a brief discussion on that. 

How Are Darts Weighed

Dart Types and Material – How Are Darts Weighed

Darts are made from different materials, including the traditional wooden dart, brass or nickel/silver models, best soft tip darts, and tungsten steel tip dart. Nowadays, many prefer to play with tungsten darts. It is the best material for league throwers.

It is resistant to wear and allows barrels to be sleeker while still maintaining weight to prevent bouncing. However, brass and nickel/silver darts are much lighter than the tungsten categories. They have softer metals and seem to be an excellent economical option.

Dart Boards – How Are Darts Weighed

The dartboard is one of the essential pieces in a game. It balances out your darts depending on their weight. So you can throw them with accuracy and precision. Various best darts to buy should be considered before finalizing the purchase.

You need to check the material longevity, weigh the darts you’re about to use, and evaluate the board size according to both the gameplay requirements and personal preference! If you fail to choose the best dartboard for your game, It’s a sure fact that you can’t progress on your skillset.

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How Are Darts Weighed

Dart Barrel Grips – How Are Darts Weighed

It’s no secret that an excellent grip is key to a good throwing experience. That’s why Dart Barrel Grips are a vital accessory for any player. They provide a comfortable, non-slip surface that helps you hold on to your darts tightly.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Dart Barrel Grips are sure to improve your game. So, it would be best if you explored different types of dart barrels grip to find the one that feels best for your hand.

While checking out the dart barrels, make sure to feel the weight. After all, the dart barrel’s weight is included in the actual dart weight. The heavier darts usually have heavier knurling on their barrels. And, they are considered best for pro players.

You can also try out these heavy knurling’s’ grip if you feel comfortable. But be cautious about using the extremely heavy darts. They can mess with your accuracy and hurt your fingers at some point. 

Dart Flights – How Are Darts Weighed

Once you find the perfect balance between distance, speed, and accuracy, it’s time to choose a flight. The two most common sizes are regular and slim. Howbeit, there is also another alternative: dimpled surfaces.

It can help slow down shots for those who have trouble landing on target as well! Fluctuations in temperature may cause winter flights not to match up against summer ones. Hence, experiment by throwing all types until it satisfies you before finalizing the selection.

Dart Shafts – How Are Darts Weighed

Dart shafts are generally made up of aluminum, plastic, carbon fiber, etc. You’ll need to figure out which one is ideal for you.

How Are Darts Weighed

Plastic or Nylon – How Are Darts Weighed

These shafts are relatively easy to break but are inexpensive. You can use this light dart for your regular practice. These are also considered the best weight darts for beginners. However, make sure to avoid tight darts grouping with these shafts. 

Solid Aluminum – How Are Darts Weighed

Aluminum darts are better than plastic or polycarbonate ones. They are available in a variety of colors and designs. Speaking of its downsides, these darts can lose their stability and vibrate loose if you aren’t using any o-rings. 

Spinning – How Are Darts Weighed

Several shafts turn against another dart when struck, allowing for closer grouping. Spinning Shafts can’t develop any individual throw flight, but they can work on a tighter group by aligning the flights. 

How Are Darts Weighed

Composite – How Are Darts Weighed

Composite shafts are excellent to avoid the hassle of changing dart barrels. That’s because they are unlike the aluminum types, which vibrate loose on barrels. They’re made of durable plastic that threads into place with an aluminum top for added strength and durability! If you want something light but still reliable in-game situations, these are excellent choices.

How Are Darts Weighed (FAQs)

Even though we’ve tried to sum up a precise detailing of “How are darts weighed” in this article. There might still be some common questions unanswered which we have tried to cover in this FAQ section.

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What is the best dart weight for intermediate?

As we know, steel darts or soft darts are the best options for the new players. Howbeit, the intermediate players, can choose heavy-weighted ones. They can practice with the tungsten-made darts where the quantity of the material matters.

For example, if you want a high-end heavy tungsten dart, it will have a quantity of 90% tungsten in its design. If you’re searching for a low-cost option, go with a tungsten dart made of 60% tungsten.

You can also pick 30-gram darts as an intermediate player. It will help you level up your skills and progress in becoming a professional player. 

What types of dart barrels are appropriate?

The barrel material you choose can make a big difference in how your dart performs. There are mainly two categories of barrels available in the market. It includes the brass types and the tungsten types. For players who are just starting, we recommend using lighter brass barrels! For most people at medium levels or higher, our advice is to use tungsten darting equipment.

How do I know what weight darts to use?

There are several categories of darts available for players to choose from. So, while buying darts, you should try out all of the different options available and make a well-informed decision. The weight class of each dart will determine how easy they are to throw.

So, make sure to test them on the dart store itself. If you pick soft tip darts, throw them faster than usual. Also, check where the darts feel heavy. Some darts have a heavier weight on the front, whereas others have on the back. It will allow you to precise your comfort zone. 

What kind of darts does Van Gerwen use?

Michael van Gerwen, the professional darts player, always uses a thin dart. It’s light like a pencil with a heavily milled barrel. He throws 23-gram XQ Max Darts with a smooth patch in the center.

Is It Possible to Change a Darts Weight?

You may change the weight of your darts using a few different techniques. Although your adjustments are restricted, it is feasible to change them. The barrel, for example, is an essential portion of a dart. To adjust the weight, simply detach it and replace it.

Closing Thoughts How Are Darts Weighed.

The types of darts that each player likes may be different. Some people prefer to use heavier darts, while others prefer lighter darts. However, selecting the correct dart for yourself may be challenging if you are a beginner.

To figure out how are darts weighed you need to consider the type of dart game that you are playing. The appropriate number of darts will depend on the rules for your specific game. You can choose from two categories of darts, including steel and soft darts.

Steel is typically recommended for people who have a more muscular throwing arm. And, soft darts may be better suited for those with weaker arms or children.  

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