How to start playing Diablo 4 correctly if you missed the OBT

OBT is over and Blizzard has opened its servers for all willing players, who can now study the continuation of the history of the Diablo universe and find out where the new phase of the confrontation between humanity and the ancient evil forces has passed.


You will appear in the initial village immediately after choosing a game class and begin to build and develop your adventure on your own.

It is worth recalling that there are only 5 classes in Diablo 4:

The hunter is a mixture of an Amazon and an assassin from the previous parts. Master of physical damage in melee and ranged combat.

The Barbarian is a melee fighter with a resource in the form of rage, which greatly enhances his attacks. The character can handle literally any weapon that is in the game and enhance it with passive abilities.

The magician is a representative of the schools of the elements, who can choose any proposed fusion. The hero depends on mana and in order not to get into a difficult situation from an enemy with resistance to your build, it is better to immediately choose a couple of schools of magic, for example, fire and ice.

The druid is the lord of the forest and the master of summoning animals and spirits. Can shapeshift into bear or wolf form to enhance their attacks or movement speed, but at the cost of the opposite. Roughly speaking, the choice can be made in strength, or speed. All animals on his side attack any opponents and pump their master.

The necromancer – the lord of the dead, uses the bodies of all the killed enemies to create his own army, which will clear entire locations from opponents. One of the simplest and strongest classes in the game. You need to choose which units you will resurrect – skeletons or golems. Mages, or melee fighters.

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Prepare for the fights

Before you leave the safe zone and begin to destroy the hordes of monsters, you need to know a few nuances.

Firstly, the start will not be easy – you will be given a minimum set of equipment and a better version will need to be obtained in the process of fighting and pumping.

Secondly, leveling plays a significant role in character growth, not only because of the large number of skills that can be converted into builds, but also new opportunities depending on the past acts and potential equipment and sets that can be obtained.

You can level up on your own and go through act after act, completing all the assigned tasks and clearing dungeons and key bosses that will take you further and further. The most interesting game and potential loot begins after going through all the stages of the storyline, and you can go through this period completely and enjoy it, or skip it by contacting special services.

You can order a diablo 4 leveling boost to quickly skip the starting leveling routine and immediately move on to the most interesting content – high difficulty, world bosses, PVP and the best equipment.

Skycoach is a professional service that specializes in interacting with gamers and provides them with all kinds of services that can simplify the gaming experience. Among the most common are game pumping, learning the game, buying gold, helping with the passage of raids and killing world bosses.

To perform the leveling service, it is necessary to transfer the account to a professional Skycoach player. This is necessary to eliminate the factor of the player’s influence on the process, and the smaller it is, the more scope for the booster to implement and progress is much faster than if the client followed the performer on their own.

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You will be able to follow the status of the service on the official Skycoach website, or simply wait for a notification that the order is completed and go about your business until this happens.

When a notification is received, you will be able to log into your account, evaluate the result and see all the trophies that were obtained during the pumping and which will be left to you as a bonus.

Do not forget to change your password – the service guarantees the safety of all property and anonymity only for the duration of the order.


As you travel around the world of Diablo 4 and master the acts, you will come across dungeons – special caves that are overflowing with monsters that you can enter.

Such zones are a great area for quickly leveling up your levels, mastering new skills and, most importantly, a potential place to get new equipment and weapons.

All dungeons consist of two types – the first is needed exclusively as a dead end zone, where you just need to perform a sweep, get the maximum resources and experience and just get out of it. The second option is the corridor one, you enter the dungeon and must not only clear it, but also find the right direction to go to the next level and find the exit, which often connects two locations through a cave.

General fame

In Diablo 4 there is such a criterion for evaluating the actions of players as fame.

It allows you to evaluate the overall contribution of a character to the benefit that he brings to the Blizzard servers through simple and complex actions.

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In total there are 5 levels of fame that all players without exception can potentially gain and which will help to earn a lot of game gold, skill points and various items to strengthen the character.

You need to open new territories, find and activate the altars of Lilith, open the enemy of contemplation and other general actions tied to passing acts and mastering the world of Diablo 4.

Repair equipment and collect kits

If we disassemble everything related to the equipment in Diablo 4, then it can be divided into ranks and everything except the legendary and complete equipment is only temporary and an incentive to increase armor and weapons.

Complete – this is the type of weapons and armor that gains its main strength when at least 2 items are collected in a set.

Such equipment is the most valuable, because it requires effort to collect, and if you choose the best set, you can maximize the capabilities of your class and get additional skill points.

Legendary – this is essentially a very good type of armor, or weapon, which carries the largest sets of characteristics and power-ups of the hero and is second only to a full-fledged set.

Do not forget to repair all your equipment, otherwise if it reaches 0, then you simply will not be able to use it. This can happen in combat as well, so check for wear before a serious fight.