How To Protect Your Baby At Home

You cannot emphasize enough the level of protection that a baby needs in the home. Even if he is just a few months old, there are a lot of hazards that can endanger the baby. As a parent or guardian, you must do your best so that you will secure the room and the whole house for the baby present in your home. Things that first come to mind are tech devices to install like a baby camera. And you can do more. Listed below are some ways to protect your baby inside the house.

Ways to Protect Your Baby at Home

Install a baby monitor 

The first thing that you can do to make sure that your baby is safe is to install a baby camera. But do not just buy any product that you can find. Look for Eufy baby cameras available. They are trusted products that are both reliable and durable. The package includes a large 5-inch display,  720p HD camera, and a wide-angle lens with night vision. The camera can be panned, tilted, and adjust the zoom as needed. This product also has a mount so that you can place it on walls or cribs. In addition, the camera plays lullabies so that it can accompany your baby to sleep.

Baby-proof your house 

You must make sure that all the cabinets, drawers, and cupboards are secured on the wall. This will keep these structures secured on the more stable parts of the house and not fall in case of earthquakes or other movements in the house. You should also put plug covers on your outlets so that your baby will not attempt to put their fingers or their tongue on them. You should also place every object that is not for babies on top of cabinets or shelves to ensure their safety when they are crawling or in their crib. 

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Do not leave the bathroom door open 

Do not leave your toilets and bathrooms unattended. A bathroom is a place that has a lot of safety hazards, especially for the baby. Keep the door closed all the time so that your baby will not be tempted to go inside. 

Slippery tiles can be very dangerous for your baby. Soap and shampoo are health hazards that should be placed high on the bathroom cabinet. You should also not leave any water in the tub or buckets in the house. They are quite irresistible to play with. 

Use caution about curtains, drapery, and blinds

Your baby’s crib should not be near curtains or blinds. They may fall accidentally to your baby. They are also strangulation hazards. They may also cover your baby’s mouth and prevent him from breathing comfortably. In case there are curtains that are near him, it is recommended that the curtain rods and frames are secured to the wall. Wrap up cords of blinds so that the baby will not be able to reach for them. 



Your baby is the most important and most delicate part of your world right now. And he cannot do anything to protect himself. His safety is all up to you. You need to check your baby camera every time you have to be in some other part of the house or you have to do some other tasks. You also have to secure everything so that they will not accidentally fall on your baby. You also have to keep every room well-lit in order to see any possible cause of injury that may occur. Caring for a baby is no easy task but it is undoubtedly fulfilling to know that your baby is safe in your home.