How To Get A Double In Darts! Mystery Revealed.

The Secret Behind How To Get A Double In Darts!

How to get a double in darts? It’s about as simple as it gets. The object of a darts match is to score more points than your opponent. However, sometimes a team may throw a double.

Double throws are when a player throws twice in succession to gain extra darts on the board. You can think of the difference between a normal and a double as similar to the difference between a regular and a home run.

A home run is a game-changer because the extra points make a huge difference in the end score. Similarly, a double in darts is a game-changer because the extra darts can be the difference between winning and losing.

In darts, a player throws one of two darts at a board consisting of 20 numbered spots, called pockets. There are 12 red spots on the board. For every red spot, a player has 2 darts (one white and one red).

The Secret Behind How To Get A Double In Darts!

Rules of double dart Game

There are three basic rules of a double-dart game. Each player throws a dart and then tries to hit a bullseye on their opponent’s dartboard.

The number of darts that the player throws and the size of the board determines how far away the target should be placed.

The first player to throw five darts and land on a bull’s eye in a row wins. Here are some tips shared about double darts:

  • Darts that are broken and cannot be used to play. Darts which do not spin correctly cannot also be used.
  • Only a maximum of 3 darts can be in play at any time.
  • The game’s object is to win by throwing two successive double darts within a certain number of throws.
  • 4. A player may only throw if their next throw will hit the target.
  • The next game will start immediately when a game is won (by successfully hitting the bull’s eye on the board with a double).
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Double darts practice

If you’re familiar with the classic dart game of doubles, the game is pretty simple. A player throws one dart at a board and tries to hit the bullseye (or the two outer rings) as many times as possible in a set number of throws.

So it’s easy enough to understand how a player might get discouraged if they miss their initial target. But what happens when players on a doubles team throw six darts?

You guessed it: there’s a good chance they won’t make the bullseye at all. And to become a pro, you should practice doubles continuously.

The Secret Behind How To Get A Double In Darts!

What is a Double in Darts?

Darts has always been a game that sports fans enjoy because it’s a lot of fun and because it’s a game that you can learn while playing.

A double in darts, also known as a “doubling,” is a scoring tactic that allows you to score two points with a single dart shot. A double-in dart is the second dart thrown after the initial throw.

The previous one needs to stick on the board to make the next dart count. It is the basics of double-in darts.

Tips To Get A Double In Darts

Here’s what worked for me and how you can use the same technique to get a “double.” Start by making the goal explicit to your subconscious mind.

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If you want a double, say it out loud. Then make it happen. Say it again if you feel like there’s room for improvement. When you feel like you are as good at this as you think you are, stop.

Your subconscious mind will know that you are ready to play darts, so it won’t bother trying to trick you. Now practice some more. Here is a list of practicing doubles:

  • Practice makes perfect
  • Practice with different dart types
  • Learn the different dart types
  • Practice different darts
  • Practice in different conditions (wind, rain, etc.)
  • Don’t rush it
  • Practice at the right distance
  • Practice when you feel relaxed
  • You should practice when you are not hungry
  • Practice to the best of your ability

How to get a double in darts (FAQs)

How Much is a Bullseye Worth in Darts?

Bullseye darts have a retail value of between $100 to $200, depending on where they are sold, but they can easily be found online for less than $20. You can always buy more if needed, and they’re usually shipped for free.

Can You Win Darts without a Bullseye?

No, you cannot win darts without a bullseye. A bullseye helps you determine the optimal angle for throwing the dart.

You can practice the technique in an open space by aiming at the center of a target, which would give you the desired accuracy.

How much is the middle worth in darts?

The middle of your dartboard is very important since it’s where you have to aim to hit your target. The middle of the board has a larger area for throwing darts than the outer edges.

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A higher score is therefore expected in the middle than the outer edges. So the board you buy must be designed to maximize this advantage.

How much is a bullseye worth in 501?

A bullseye can cost $3 or $6, depending on the quality. Generally, the more expensive one has the higher quality. So you want to go for something more expensive.

In such cases, it’s advisable to buy them online or from an Amazon seller who is willing to do shipping for you to get them delivered right to your doorstep.

How to get a bullseye in darts every time?

Darts are played with two steel sticks, one attached to a weighted shaft and the other attached to a steel frame. The heavier stick is called the “pusher,” and the lighter stick is called the “shooter.”

When a dart is released from the frame, the shooter is propelled forward with great force, thus propelling the arrow into the bullseye.


Double is a shot in darts that is the hardest possible to hit, but only 3% of the people can hit it. The rest need to practice a lot to get the perfect shot.

If you are new to darts, you probably want to know how to get a double? I want to tell you that you can get a double just by practicing, but it’s not that simple. You have to be patient and practice to get a double in darts.