Best Butts of the Internet in 2023

VR cams with curvy models are the new thrilling viewing experience that you don’t want to miss out on. Some very sexy models will make you glued to the screen and experience the best sexual satisfaction. Who doesn’t like big butts? Get the most exciting sexual experience with booty webcams. There are various big booty models online that you can interact with in their live streams, even with high resolution. 

Owning the best body is the dream of every girl. A sexy figure in a bikini is also eye-catching. We have seen and heard of celebrities paying to get the best butts through surgeries. And best butts do not necessarily mean big butts, they are more well-shaped and toned booties, but some of the best butts on the internet belong to big butt VR models, that’s for sure. This is something that can be achieved through workouts and taking healthy diets. Below are celebrities who have been proven to have the best butts in 2023.

Ana Cheri

Ana is a known actress, influencer, entrepreneur, CEO, and model. She has advanced a solid fitness brand for herself and a swimsuit line. Her body-building techniques, workouts, and hitting the gym earned her an attractive body. Ana has got bodybuilding programs that are of help and motivation to many other people. Her body is anyone’s dream body. Instagram as a social media platform has been of great help for her to make their way into the fitness industry.

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She has her own sports clothing line, Cheri Fit Activewear. Her body has made her a model working with K&N filters, Monster Energy, and Ultimate Arm-Wrestling League. Plus, her eye-catching Instagram photos have attracted more than 12 million followers.

Michelle Lewin

Lewin is one of the major stars in the fitness industry. She has been to various bikini competitions where her body is portrayed in the sexiest ways. Her fitness workouts and diet are the major contributors to her amazing body making her one of the celebrities with the best butts in 2023.

She has workout plans that are the main attributes of her sexy butt and the whole body. Her body looks so stunning in her bikinis. She is one of the hardest-working fitness models today. Her beautiful body has made her appearance in various music videos on the front cover of magazines, winning IFBB competitions, and her social media channel for nutrition and training.

She moved from modeling to being a fitness athlete. Her known advice to ladies who want to get in shape is lunges, sprints, and side lateral raises. They do help burn fat, tighten the body, and create a beautiful physique.

Paige Hathaway

Paige has started from humble beginnings to being a fitness guru. Apart from being a sports expert, Paige is an Instagram influencer. Her photos on Instagram are breathtaking. Her beautiful, stunning body is attributed to her body workouts and meal plans.

Paige has a meal plan displayed on her Pinterest page advising women on the best food to get the glutes that have made ensured her a place on this list. She has a fitness plan that works both at home and in the gym. Her motivation for fitness came from her hate of being thin. Her first competition was at Ronnie Coleman where she finished second.

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She started an Instagram page in 2015. She then gained more followers leading her to start a Fit in 5 workout program. This is a program she put together to help her followers stay fit.

In need of body transformation? Check out Paige’s workout programs on her social media.

Bruna Lima

Bruna is a known model and occasional fitness influencer with amazing eye-catching swimsuit photos which keep her social media fans glued to their screens. She became famous through Instagram. Also, she launched her swimwear brand Brukinis Brazilian Bikinis.

Courtney King

Courtney is an IFBB professional bikini competitor from Chicago, USA. At a young age, she always had a passion for playing sports, e.g., soccer, gymnastics, and basketball. Her fitness has made her appear in bikini competitions. She took first place at the 2016 Bikini Olympia, becoming Ms. Olympia 2016, which attracted media attention to her. Today, she is a bodybuilding lady with truly amazing buttocks. 

Ashley Kaltwasser

Kaltwasser is an American IFBB pro fitness figure competitor and fitness model. She is the winner of the Bikini Olympia contest in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Ashley has won 37 professional bodybuilding titles, more than any other competitor in history.

Today, the model has her own training program. The training includes strength and cardio exercises. She also follows a nutrition program, which consists of a high-protein, low-carb, and moderate-fat diet for an amazing body shape.

Francielle Mattos

Mattos is a Brazilian professional bodybuilder who is known for contesting in the IFBB Elite Pro. Her wins include Overal Sulbrasileiro 2017 and the Overall Estadul 2017. She made history as the first to be crowned in the division’s inaugural year. Her workouts majorly focus on extra mass across the lower body, that is in the hips, thighs, and glutes. This owes her one of the best butts in 2023. She stood beside Borges in red bikinis at the Olympia event. Her stunning photos on social media are nothing but impeccable to look at.

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In conclusion, the best lesson to learn from all the above celebrities with stunning butts is hard work, persistence, and discipline. They all have workout plans and diet plans, and their social media offer you numerous eye-catching photos.