How did Locks Evolve? Increase the Power of Science and Technology

The lock is a necessity for every household and is one of the tools to ensure the safety of living, from the past, lock has become an important tool for people to protect property, from wooden locks to stone locks, to metal structure mechanical locks, whether from the material, or technology, have undergone earth-shaking changes. In recent years, the rapid development of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and other technologies has directly driven the technological leap of smart door locks, from the initial combination lock and magnetic card door lock to today’s fingerprint lock, face recognition lock, etc. Technology is the guarantee of safety, and the technical dispute of various brands is, in the final analysis, the battle for safety. And from the 90s of the 20th century to the present, the smart lock industry has undergone several iterations.

Development experience

Rope and Wood Lock Era

The earliest prototype of the door lock was only tied with grass rope into a tight knot, which became one of the oldest kinds of lock, this tightly bound knot, is made of animal teeth or animal bones. Later, the carpenter ancestor Lu Ban improved it and installed the mechanism, which formed a lock in the true sense. This is what we call a latch.

The Era of Metal Locks

In the Han Dynasty, people found that the security of the door latch was not strong enough, and the metal lock also appeared as the copper reed lock, commonly known as the three-reed lock, which was a qualitative leap in the history of the development of Chinese locks, and its confidentiality and security were strengthened. The three-reed lock was used in China until the 50s of the 20th century. In the 18th century, an Englishman invented a cam rotary piece lock, the metal blade in the lock can effectively use the spring control to rotate, and the key is inserted into the lock first to rotate the blade when the blade touches the notch of the lock tongue to open. In 1848, L. Yale, an American inventor, introduced the concept of using cylindrical pin bolts in the marble lock, marking the beginning of the modern era of locks. By integrating marbles into the mechanism, the lock’s potential combinations increased from the initial 2500 to a million, significantly enhancing its confidentiality and security features. This innovation has led to the marble lock becoming the most widely utilized lock globally.

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The Era of Smart Locks

In the 1970s, the application of microelectronics technology gave rise to a variety of sophisticated locks, such as magnetic locks, locks activated by voice commands, ultrasonic locks, locks using infrared technology, locks utilizing electromagnetic waves, electronic card-operated locks, locks with fingerprint recognition, locks that identify iris patterns, locks controlled remotely, and smart locks. These locks offer a high level of confidentiality and security unmatched by mechanical construction. Smart locks are the existing metal lock technology and combination arrangement with artificial intelligence technology, set fingerprint, password, NFC, Bluetooth, and other unlocking methods in one, we can easily set the smart door lock through the mobile phone APP. And the opening and closing of the door lock can be linked with the smart products at home, which brings convenience to users to the greatest extent, and also makes it easier and more effective for users to enter and exit, avoiding problems such as storage inconvenience and management confusion caused by mechanical keys.


The change and unchanged of the smart door lock industry is the technical power, and the unchanged is to improve safety with technical power. Mobile phone remote control, fingerprint recognition module, smart door lock linkage, so that the door lock gradually gets rid of people’s cold memory impression of it. Simple and fast operation, the identification of safe and effective smart door locks has been the most direct and all-around test and application in thousands of households! A smart lock began to link the composition of the entire smart home, began to provide people with the most convenient and efficient quality of life, and became the first opening point of the new life and new home era! Thanks for reading.