How Car Accident Attorneys Investigate Cases

Being in a car accident can be a traumatic experience. After the dust settles, you may be left with injuries, property damage, and many unanswered questions. What exactly happened? Who was at fault? How will you pay for medical treatment and vehicle repairs? An experienced car accident attorney can help investigate the accident to find these answers.

Assembling an Accident Investigation Team

Car accident attorneys will first assemble an accident investigation team to examine every aspect of the collision. This can include professional investigators to recreate the scene, specialists to inspect vehicles, doctors to diagnose injuries, and expert witnesses like accident reconstructionists. By utilizing expertise across various fields, the team can create an accurate picture of how and why the accident occurred.

Visiting the Scene 

One of the first steps is visiting the accident scene as soon as possible after the crash. The attorney will look for skid marks, debris, and other clues pointing to what transpired. They may take measurements to map out each vehicle’s position. 

Photographing and video recording the scene are also important for documenting critical details. If hazardous conditions like an icy road contributed, those factors would be noted. 

Interviewing Witnesses

The attorney will try to identify and speak with any witnesses to the accident. They will gather eyewitness accounts to gain different perspectives. Witnesses may provide information that neither party remembers clearly due to distress. 

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Tracking down video surveillance around the area is also beneficial. Footage could show events leading up to the collision the parties are unaware of. The attorney pieces together witness testimonies to determine the sequence of events.

Reviewing Police Reports 

Police reports contain the officer’s initial accident investigation and are heavily relied upon. The attorney will analyze details in the report like suspected causes, citations issued, and statements given at the scene. 

Car accident attorneys will work to verify the report accurately reflects the investigation’s findings. Any discrepancies between the witnesses’ accounts and the report will be easily noted and highlighted.

Inspecting Involved Vehicles

Inspecting all vehicles involved in the accident provides insights into the collision’s mechanics. The attorney arranges to have automotive experts conduct thorough inspections. They will assess if vehicle defects like brake failure contributed. 

Any collision damage is meticulously documented to show the impact’s force. A mechanical flaw or extreme damage points to negligent behaviors like speeding. 

Consulting Medical Professionals

Medical records are reviewed to appreciate all accident-related injuries. The attorney consults doctors to understand the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. Experts can determine if injuries align with the type of collision. Permanent disabilities or impairment would warrant increased compensation. Medical evidence builds the case for non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

Reconstructing the Accident 

Using gathered evidence, the attorney works with specialists to literally reconstruct the accident scenario. Sophisticated software creates 3D simulations factoring in vehicle speeds, road conditions, collision forces, and more. 

Step-by-step recreations confirm how the vehicles moved before, during, and after impact. Accident reconstruction is invaluable for proving or disproving theories about exactly what went wrong.

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Effective Legal Representation Depends on Investigation: Get Strong Car Accident Attorneys For Your Case

Following through on an exhaustive investigation is central to winning car accident claims. The attorney will uncover every circumstance that caused the collision and the scope of damages. This allows them to demonstrate negligence, liability, and losses for negotiating fair settlements. With an attorney’s diligent fact-finding, car accident victims can seek justice and recoup damages.